Wednesday, June 15

Today is Wednesday, June 15, 2022.  Being open to seeing the beauty and joy in unexpected places.

A quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen “At every moment of our life we have an opportunity to choose joy.”

Photo by: ABGlavin

Finding Joy in June.  As we start the second half of the year let’s focus on ways we can find joy.

Organizing your home or workspace can help lower stress, clear your mind, and promote positive energy.

    • Donate old books and clothes to benefit others
    • Reduce electronic use to calm the number of brain inputs
    • Go through “old papers” and scan/file/toss
    • Organize your favorite photos and artwork in a pleasing display
    • Arrange your fashion accessories for easy access
    • Limit the number of piles in a single room
    • Put similar items together and eliminate any unnecessary excess

Use this Mindfulness Activity to Re-energize your Body and Mind whenever you need a moment to reset – while waiting, before, after, or to transition between activities:

    • Straighten your spine. Roll your shoulders back and down, smile to yourself, & relax your jaw.
    • Take slow deep belly breaths, allowing your stomach to rise with each breath in and relax with each breath out. You may find that each breath gets better and better. Allow your shoulders to relax on each exhale.
    • Choose a centering word that is neutral to you and simple. You might choose “now” or “joy” or “peace.”
      • As you exhale, say your chosen word. Focus on the vibration of the word as you hear it. Repeat.
      • As you exhale and say your word, imagine dropping a smooth pebble in clear water and watch it settle gently on the bottom, relaxed and comfortable.
      • Finally, as you continue your deep belly breaths, notice that the ripples on the water are gently gliding out. Repeat your word on every exhale until the ripples have settled.

Recharge yourself and share positive energy when you repeat:  

“I am [*Name*]. I can do this. As I connect to my inner self, I am open to the Happiness and positive energy around me. I send loving kindness and compassion to all people including me. Together, we can do great things.”

With gratitude and appreciation for all beings,

Naomi Parrella, MD & Fran Lee, FNP 

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