The Daily Gift of Vitality is a daily anchoring message that grew out of requests from proactive and innovative department leaders at Rush University Medical Center, who listened, observed and recognized a need to care for all persons connected to caring for others. It is now distributed to 10’s of thousands of individuals through various companies and organizations around the world. Welcome to this space.

Vitality is defined by dictionary.com as 1. Exuberant physical strength or mental vigor; 2. Capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence; 3. Power to liver or grow. Vitality perfectly describes the gift we wish to give all, daily.

Key purpose of our messaging:

  1. To provide a single simple message to everyone everywhere allowing individuals to learn and practice simple self regulating actions daily for optimal health, function & recovery.
  2. To provide a reliable daily anchor- keeping it simple, easy to learn and remember – and quick to apply.
  3. To provide a routine. Each message will maintain a standardized, dependable structure to allow it to be used as a “routine” to start a day, transition from work to home mindset or after reading/watching news/social media, or to end the day.
  4. To create safe space to rest and recharge. The messaging is meant to be a “safe” space and deliberately avoids using terms that may be triggering and common in current communications (ie. COVID19, pandemic, outbreak, election, etc.).
  5. To establish an easy-to-implement way to keep people connected & cared for despite being physically in different spaces.