Friday, October 8

Today is Friday, October 8, 2021. Appreciating the photos taken to share a moment of beauty and awe with others.

A quote from Sylvia Plath, “I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery-air, mountains, tress, people. I thought, ‘this is what it is to be happy.’”

Photo by: Philip Jahn

This October, the focus is on the integration of life experiences, staying equally connected to optimism, as to any other belief or attitude.

Optimism can be defined as cheerfulness or hopefulness about the future. Allowing time for optimism creates balance.

Recharge with 10 minutes to write down everything and everyone you appreciate. Making this a routine will prime the mind to see the positives in each day.

Use this Mindfulness Activity to Re-energize your Body and Mind:  

  • Straighten your spine. Roll your shoulders back and down, smile to yourself, & relax your jaw.
  • Take slow deep belly breaths, allowing your stomach to rise with each breath in and relax with each breath out. You may find that each breath gets better and better. Allow your shoulders to relax on each exhale.
  • Stretch out your fingers and wiggle them.
  • Reach your hands forward, curve your upper back, bringing your chin down to your chest to feel a stretch for a full breath.
  • Release your arms to dangle by your side, palms forward, lifting your chin up and complete another full breath cycle.
  • Release your shoulders and neck back to neutral and smile.

*Recharge yourself and share positive energy when you repeat:  

 “I am [*Name*].  I am open to the positive energy around me. As I connect to my courage, strength, and wisdom, I am open to new ideas and change.  I send loving kindness and compassion to all people including me.  Together, we can do great things.”

With gratitude and appreciation for all beings,

Naomi Parrella, MD & Fran Lee, FNP 

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