Wednesday, September 30

Today is Wednesday, September 30, 2020.  Birthdays are special. They are personal and also shared by many. They remind us of the number of years we have been creating connections to the people and world around us.

An inspirational Quote from J.K. Rowling: “We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

Photo by: Jordan Wozniak

During Self-Care September, we offered prompts to energize your self-care routine. We invite you to continue to explore new activities to invigorate, your mind, body and spirit, especially in those times when it seems less important.

Self-Care Activity: Write in your calendar, or choose certain days of the week, that you will schedule a reminder to incorporate a self-care activity.

It may be something that you know recharges you, or it may be a reminder to try something new that boosts your mood.

Whatever it is, when that scheduled time comes up, it encourages a reflective pause in your routines, and provides space for you to have the freedom to choose how you will spend that time.

When you choose to engage in a self-care activity as planned, you may find some other areas of your life get better too.

Recharge yourself when you repeat:    

“I am [*Name*]. I am resilient and learning every day. I am part of the global community. I love myself because I have kindness and love in my heart and soul. As I think about those I love and care for, I send loving kindness out to all people. We are all connected. We can be resilient together.”

The Mindfulness Activity to practice this week to create Calm Moments:  

    • Straighten your spine. Roll your shoulders back and down, smile to yourself, & relax your jaw.
    • Take slow deep belly breaths, allowing your stomach to rise with each breath in and relax with each breath out. You may find that each breath gets better and better. Allow your shoulders to relax on each exhale.
    • Begin your self-talk.
      1. Say to yourself, “I can step back.” See yourself step back in your mind.
      2. “I can clear my head.” Visualize a clean sweep of your head.
      3. “My body can calm.” Release your neck shoulders.
      4. “I can release.” Take a belly breath and full breath out.
      5. Smile.

With gratitude and appreciation for all beings,

Naomi Parrella, MD & Fran Lee, FNP