Friday, February 17

Today is Friday, February 17, 2023. This week’s practice to expand your vitality is through deliberate movement. If this option is a tool that appeals to you, please join us.

Think about this: Human beings have emotions, feelings and thoughts that are linked to changes in the internal chemistry, the signaling in the brain and the physical body. When experiencing emotions we don’t like as much, such as sadness, anger, or anxiety, it is easier to get to the other side of that by taking a deliberate action to counter the associated body’s changes and process those emotions.

DGoV (Daily Gift of Vitality) Activity: In addition to connecting with others, take deliberate action the next time you have emotions that need a release. For sadness, find ways to feel warmth and gentle compression on the upper arms, like a hug or snuggling in a warm blanket. For anger, find safe ways to have energy bursts, like kicking or throwing a ball, jumping or singing out loud. For anxiety, find a rhythmic activity that feels comforting, like rocking in a chair, walking, swimming, or slow dancing.

A quote by Shannon L. Alder, “Feelings are something you have; not something you are.”

Thank you to Irina Shishkina for this photo.

With gratitude and appreciation for all beings,

Naomi Parrella, MD & Fran Lee, FNP