Monday, October 5

Today is Monday, October 5, 2020. Earth and Mars have differences in atmospheres. Therefore, during the day, the sky on Mars appears reddish-orange and turns blue-gray at sunset.

For the month of October, we invite you to our first Mindful Monday.

Pause and create a mindful moment. Notice where you are right now. The state of being present, means you are experiencing this moment. Observe and be present with yourself. Practice taking moments throughout the day to bring yourself back to these mindful moments to observe and be present with yourself. Do you see any patterns? You may choose to share observations with a trusted person in your life.

An inspirational Quote from Pema Chodron. “You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”

Photo by: Gabor Koszegi

Recharge yourself when you repeat:    

“I am [*Name*]. I am resilient and learning every day. I am part of the global community. I love myself because I have kindness and love in my heart and soul. As I think about those I love and care for, I send loving kindness out to all people. We are all connected. We can be resilient together.”

The Mindfulness Activity to practice this week to create Calm Moments:  

    • Straighten your spine. Roll your shoulders back and down, smile to yourself, & relax your jaw.
    • Take slow deep belly breaths, allowing your stomach to rise with each breath in and relax with each breath out. You may find that each breath gets better and better. Allow your shoulders to relax on each exhale.
    • Focus on progressive relaxation by tightening and then loosening your muscles starting from you toes, working your way to the top of your head.
    • Take additional deep breaths and release your muscles further.
    • Take as much or as little time as you choose.
    • Smile a huge smile to release your jaw and mouth muscles and continue on with your day or night, refreshed.

With gratitude and appreciation for all beings,

Naomi Parrella, MD & Fran Lee, FNP 

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